Jan Kinsey’s Guide to Fairy Books

Fairies and Nature Spirits

Forty Years with the Fairies
Daphne Charters

Enchantment of the Faerie Realm
Ted Andrews

The Real World of Fairies
Dora Van Gelder

Working with Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits
William Bloom

Meeting Fairies: My Remarkable Encounters with Nature Spirits
R. Ogilvie Crombie

Summer with the Leprechauns
Tanis Helliwell

Seeing Fairies
Marjorie T. Johnson

The Secret Lives of Elves & Fairies
The Rev. Robert Kirk

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Elves and Fairies
Sirona Knight

The Sidhe

Conversations with the Sidhe
David Spangler

Engaging with the Sidhe; Conversations Continued
David Spangler

The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld
John Matthews

The Wild Alliance; Awakening Your Inner Angel & Sidhe
Soren Hauge

Awakening: Life Lessons from the Sidhe
Rionagh na Ard.

The Chronicles of the Sidhe
Steve Blamires

Nature Communication

To Hear the Angels Sing
Dorothy MacLean

To Honor the Earth
Dorothy MacLean

The Findhorn Garden
Findhorn Community

Talking with Nature: Journey into Nature
Michael Roads

Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings: Working with the Intelligence in Nature
Marko Pogacnik

Subtle Worlds, an Explorer’s Field Notes
David Spangler

The Deva Handbook: How to Work with Nature’s Subtle Energies
Nathaniel Altman

Secret Life of Nature: Living in Harmony with the Hidden World of Nature Spirits
from Fairies to Quarks

Peter Tompkins

The Healing Power of Faery: Working with Elementals and Natured Spirits to
Sooth the Body and Soul

Edain McCoy

The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge
Jeremy Narby

Intelligence in Nature: An Inquiry into Knowledge
Jeremy Narby

Anastasia – The Ringing Cedars Series
Vladimir Megre

Unseen Worlds and Practical Aspects of Spiritual Discernment
Anastacia Nutt

We Are Not Alone: A Complete Guide to Interdimensional Cooperation
Atala Dorothy Toy

We Turn Our Hearts to the Earth: Nature Spirits on Oil and Human Destiny
Verena Stael von Holstein

Braiding Sweetgrass; Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings
of Plants

Robin Kimmerer

Thus Spoke the Plant; A Remarkable Journey of Groundbreaking Scientific
Discoveries and Personal Encounters with Plants

Monica Gagliano

The Great Mother Bible
Mare Cromwell

Celtic Faery Tradition

The Living World of Faery
RJ Stewart

Power within the Land: The Roots of Celtic and Underworld Traditions,
Awakening the Sleepers and Regenerating the Earth

RJ Stewart

Earthlight; The Ancient Path to Transformation, Rediscovering the Wisdom of
Celtic & Faery Lore

RJ Stewart

The Tree of Enchantment: Ancient Wisdom and Magic Practices of the Faery

Orion Foxwood

The Faery Teachings
Orion Foxwood

The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries
W.Y. Evans-Wentz


Shamanic Journeying; A Beginner’s Guide
Sandra Ingerman

Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality
Michael Harner (emphasis on working in the upper world)

Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins
Sandra Ingerman

Weather Shamanism: Harmonizing our Connection with the Elements
Nan Moss with David Corbin

Courageous Dreaming: How Shamans Dream the World into Being
Alberto Villoldo

Shamanism without Border; A Guide to Shamanic Tending for Trauma and

A Society for Shamanic Practitioners Handbook

Plant Intelligence & Herbal Shamanism

Plant Spirit Medicine
Eliot Cowan

Secret Life of Plants: a Fascinating Account of the Physical, Emotional, and
Spiritual Relations between Plants

Peter Tompkins

Plant Spirit Wisdom; Shamans and Sin Eaters
Ross Heaven

The Secret Teachings of Plants
Stephen Harrod Buhner

Sacred Plant Medicine; The Wisdom in Native American Herbalism
Stephen Harrod Buhner

The Lost Language of Plants; The Ecological Importance of Plant Medicines to Life
on Earth

Stephen Harrod Buhner

Mycelium Running; How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World
Paul Stamets

Plant and Fungus Totems: Connect with Spirits of Field, Forest and Garden

Flower Essences

Angels of Nature by Flower
A. Newhouse, edited by Stephen Isaac

Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing

Flower Essences – Reordering Our Understanding and Approach to Illness and

Machaelle Small Wright

Flower Essence Repertory; A Comprehensive Guide to North American and English
Flower Essences for Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being

Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz

The Essence of Healing; A Guide to the Alaskan Essences
Steve Johnson

Sacred Spirit of the Gorge; Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences and Essences of

Camilla Blossom Bishop

Co-Creative Gardening

Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered
Machaelle Small Wright

Perelandra Garden Workbook
Machaelle Small Wright

Secrets of the Soil: New Solutions for Restoring Our Planet
Peter Tompkins

Geomancy: Sacred Space, Dowsing & Ley Lines

Sacred Geography; Geomancy: Co-Creating the Earth Cosmos
Marko Pogacnik

Secrets of Sacred Space
Chuck Pettis

Animal Communication

The Language of Miracles
Amelia Kincaid

Straight from the Horses Mouth
Amelia Kincaid

Communicating with Orcas: The Whale’s Perspective
Mary Getten

Learning their Language
Marta Williams

The Language of Animals
Carol Gurney


The Sasquatch Message to Humanity; Conversations with Elder Kamooh. Books 1,
2 and 3

SunBow and others

The Sasquatch People and their Interdimensional Connection
Kewaunee Lapseritis

The Bigfoot Book; The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti and Cryptid Primates
Nocholas Redfern
https://scenicsasquatch.com – lots of types of communication stories and authors there.
https://sasquatchmessage.com – More Messages section on website in addition to the 3
Sasquatch Message to Humanity books
Hale Mednik films:(YouTube Sasquatch Oracle channel)
-Sasquatch Speaks (3 parts)
-Sasquatch Family Reunion (2 parts)
Both are also on Amazon Prime video


Dancing with Dragons: Invoke Their Ageless Wisdom and Power
DJ Conway

JaapVan Etten

Ayahuasca and Visionary Plants

When Plants Dream; Ayahuasca, Amazonian Shamanism and the Global
Psychedelic Renaissance

Daniel Pinchbeck

Listening to Ayahuasca; New Hope for Depression, Addiction, PTSD, and Anxiety
Rachel Hope

Ayahuasca: The Vine of Souls
Ross Heaven

How to Change Your Mind; What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us
About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression and Transcendence

Michael Pollan


The Hidden Life of Trees; What they Feel, How They Communicate
Peter Wohlleben

To Speak for the Trees; My Life’s Journey from Ancient Celtic Wisdom to a
Healing Vision of the Forest

Diana Beresford-Kroeger

Living Wisdom of Trees; A Guide to the Natural History, Symbolism and Healing
Power of Trees

Fred Hageneder

Conversations with a Tree: Returning to Our True Nature Through Nature
Jane Warren Campbell

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