The Fairy Library

By Michael Pilarski

The Fairy Library started in 1977 when Barbara from the Snake Ranch in Aeneas Valley in north-central Washington gave me a dog-eared copy of the book “A True Fairy Tale” by Daphne Charters.  Barbara said, as she handed the book to me “ I think you will like this book”.  And I did, and it changed my life forever. 

For one thing, it led me to become friends with Daphne Charters and publisher of her Collected Manuscripts, and later led me to start, in 2001, the Fairy & Human Relations Congress in the physical realm. 

For another thing, it started me on a lifelong quest to learn more about the fairies.  Since then I have gradually accumulated more than 200 books on fairies.  Not the frivolous books, but the serious books, mostly by people who see and/or communicate with fairies. 

Near the end of 2020 I decided to catalog all my collected books on fairies into an online system that could benefit the world and Sylvia showed up to make it possible.  Our goal is to be the most complete bibliography on the topic in the English language, and to inspire more communications between the realms.

I can’t afford to buy every book on fairies for my physical library, so our LibraryThing catalog contains both a) books in my physical library and b) books not in my physical library.

Please help contribute to the completeness of our collection and/or review books already in The Fairy Library.  Please use the forms provided (bottom of page).