Daphne Charters’ Collected Manuscripts: A Visit to the Land of the Harneles

By Maire

[Maire was one of the fairies who first worked with Daphne Charters. The land of the Harneles is the realm where the beings who work with color live. Transcribed on August 31, 1953. Pages 159-163 of Daphne’s manuscripts.]

Going to the sector of another Aspect of Evolution means far more to us than just what we are able to see, hear and feel. Each visit has its purpose and we try to inaugurate what we have learned in our work.

When we began making our thought formations before you [Daphne] came, they were merely a variety of our own, linked together with whatever suitable ones we could find in the surrounding atmosphere. We thought them beautiful, especially when we began to make them sparkle with thoughts from above. Then you came and instead of being misty, the formations sprang into relief. One by one the other members of our little group of Radiants joined in to help us and with their coming, a closer contact with their Shining Ones has been achieved. They had previously come through you, but that was like receiving the rays of the sun through a dense mist. At first even this was wonderful, but we reached the stage when we knew that if only we could receive their contributions through their own Radiants, then a further step would have been taken. However hard we try to make manifest the power of another Aspect, we cannot obtain the same pure result as when they produce it themselves. This may seem strange when we have been told that we must use the combined power of all to obtain the best effects, but in doing this, all are using their minds to make the desired result come about. Before it was only our fairy will which kept the separate power-contributions together; now it is the will of all.

To me the Harneles sector is perhaps the most exciting of all the Aspects. It does not have this effect on everyone who goes there, but I am a rather calm person and obviously the stimulation which I receive from the brilliant colors is what I need to inspire me to even greater efforts in our work. This time, everything was red.          

Normally, I wear pale colors, most female fairies do, except the young and the more advanced, so this intense color took me some time to assimilate; in fact I had initially to close myself against it, otherwise it would have been too great a shock to my system. Slowly I opened out and I began to glow as I turned from my usual pale color to a light red. As I opened to permit the red to flow through me. I became almost unbearably hot, but that soon passed, and I began to dance, not performing the graceful floating or the swift gyration of our own rhythmic motions, but as though to rid myself of some of my surplus energy. I whirled, rushed and climbed eagerly towards the fiery stars, then fell swifter than a meteor, to rise again like a whirlwind until I became my normal self once more. And yet I was not myself; how could I be when I was still scarlet? I expanded and that proved to be the answer to my immediate problem. My fairy body is too small to hold all that intensity of color. I grew until I was almost eight feet tall; then I was able to think properly.

I realized I was surrounded by countless radiants of the Harnele Aspect of Evolution and to my quiet satisfaction, I saw that none were as tall as me. Color being their main manifesting vehicle, they are used to its brilliance and do not require extra space for their minds to function properly. I felt rather distinguished looking down at them from my superior height. Yes, we fairies like to play at make-believe sometimes, and I fantasized that I was a wise harnele who had descended from a higher plane to teach the radiants who were not as advanced as myself.

My illusion soon faded as they began to talk, for in fact, they are my teachers and I but a humble pupil.

“You need red, Maire dear,” their leader told me. “You use so little in your work.”

“We are so fond of blue,” I replied.

“Blue has its purpose and so has red. Your thought-formations are beautiful, tender, calming – enough to breathe pity into a heart of stone.”

“Is not that what they should do?” I enquired, perplexed.

“Stone does not often respond to a mere whisper.”

“We are about 60% successful.”

“Are you satisfied with that?” Had I not been on a high plane and steeped in that simulating color, I think I would have wept.

“Oh Maire dear, we did not mean to upset you.” They crowded round me full of sympathy and the compassion which I had thought they were deriding.

“You are more successful than most fairies of your status, but have you not thought that sometimes a rock responds to a good battering, rather than a gentle caress?”

“A stone, yes,” I said, “but we deal with hearts.”

Sometimes there is little difference between them. Many rocks have more affection in them that some men.”

I smiled, “At this moment, I feel that no heart could be beyond my mastery.”

“If you could return to Earth in your present form, with your mind drenched in red, there is none who could withstand you or any one of us. But therein the trouble lies. We cannot go to Earth as we are, nor can we take our ray with us. Here it is fine and strong, but coarsened as it has to be to enable it to pass through the atmosphere of Earth, on arrival it is practically colorless, with its strength sapped by the journey.”

“Then, what is the reason for my visit?” Again they crowded round me showering me with love until I felt myself growing again.

“Because you have studied and understand the functions of the different colors, not only your lovely fairy ones, but ours too.”

“Red seems to elude me although I am able to manifest the glorious tone of the Ronar.” [a Teacher-Lord]

“That is only because you have learned to love Him. Can you not spare a little for us too?”

Already I knew that I loved them and would do all in my power to bring their seemingly difficult and yet so tender color, not only into our home but into our work as well.

They proudly took me to their power-center, and showed me the ray gradually fading in color and strength as it approached Earth. Here and there I saw distributed about the planet, pin-points of scarlet.

“Those are places where one or more of our Radiants have set up a center for healing or other specialized work.”

“No fairies?” I asked.

“A few use it but only sometimes. Maire dear, set up a center, we beg of you. We do not mind how small it is. We will tend it diligently, and as you think and work within its boundary, so will it grow until another pin-point has been achieved.”

“It shall be like a crimson star shining in the firmament,” I pronounced. “We will think, dream and succour your ray until thousands will come to gaze in amazement that so much brightness could manifest on Earth.”

Their love grew so great that I could not withstand it and I grew and grew until I burst. I like to think that I fell to Earth as a million pin-points of dazzling scarlet and that where each fell, a fire will come into being that one day in the distant future will be seen not only by fairies but by men as well.

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