Daphne Charters’ Collected Manuscripts: Rays for the “Lost Ones”

By Ronald

[The following story is from pages 203-209 of Daphne Charter’s Collected Manuscripts. Ronald is a human being living on the astral plane who works with Daphne in rescuing souls who are trapped on planes below the astral.]

            This experience happened nearly a month ago and I’ve been looking forward to the time when I should be able to tell you about it.

            I’ve moved quite recently to a small room which I use only for meditation and rest. I don’t live there, but I go there when I wish to be alone and undisturbed. I’ve had several wonderful experiences from there but of them all, I think that my visit to the fairy sector was one of the most interesting.

            The journey was uneventful, apart from its length considering the great speed at which I was traveling. When I came to rest I could feel that I was in a high vibration so I decided to try to get absolutely in tune with my surroundings. When I was satisfied that I had succeeded, I opened my eyes to find myself surrounded by the most beautiful beings, their sparkling auras informing me that they were of the fairy evolution.

            One of the girls came foward and stood in front of me. She was dressed in pale blue swirling gossamer which seemed almost as alive as she herself. Her hair was black and fell about her shoulders to be caught by the breeze and furled gently to and fro about her face and neck. She bent over me and said “Welcome to our sector. Our power has often been blended with yours as you work far away, in a different vibration, and now it is our privilege to meet you face to face.”

            I rose and bowed. “I’m sorry, I had no idea that you were helping me, otherwise I would have thanked you.”

            “Your success is our reward” she said. “We desire no other.” I talked to her and to the others for a while and what amazed me was they seemed to think that I was honouring them with my presence. I informed them of my humble status but they brushed my protestations aside, saying that they held in great esteem all who work in the underworld. “One day we hope to be sufficiently advanced to go there ourselves” they said “but we are not yet ready so we must be content to do our poor best from here.”

            They invited me to accompany them so that they could show me the building from which they direct the rays upon the earthbound. They told me how fortunate they consider themselves to be working with me because I’m a bit of a medium. I’m afraid that their praise was out of all proportion to my ability but it made me realise that I must do my best to develop this talent.

            Each new building to which I am taken on these higher spheres seems to be the most wonderful that I have ever seen, but always the next one appears better than the last. The texture of the material of which they are made is quite different from anything you have on Earth. Precious stones, rich velvet and silk, and different colored pearls are the nearest that I can get but even these are poor imitations.       

            This one was pale green shot with pink, the colors never remaining static but glowing and leaping like the flames in a fire. Curved edges rather than sharp corners are generally used, and these arcs and circles, arches and orbs each take their place as an essential part of the whole. We literally streamed into the building and making our way down gracefully twisting corridors, we eventually entered a domed room. I had previously seen one or two colors which do not exist on Earth, but this place was full of them. If you mix red and yellow, you know you get orange, or blue and yellow makes green. If however you put green and red together you get a rather unpleasant color. Imagine then that you have even a dozen primary colors, although I am sure that there are far more; each of these added to any one of the others produces a completely different shade and then a third, fourth or fifth can be added, each making new ones.   

            The room was one of the centers from which these many-colored rays are directed. The atmosphere was constantly changing from one combination to another. I watched fascinated as each sequence altered to form an even more beautiful one. The presiding farices [fairies who work with healing] escorted me to a corner of the room and invited me to watch the wall facing me. To my amazement I saw myself, not reflected as in a mirror but as I had been, performing my work three days before.

            Even as I left the Astral an orange light was shone on me and remained surrounding me to a distance of about four feet.

            On approaching Earth it became gradually stronger in tone; it was as though I was shut up in a protective box of brilliant flame-colored light. As I reached the man whom I was to help, he naturally came within this area and as I talked to him he was bathed first in one ray, then another, according to his reactions to my statements.

            I told him that it wasn’t necessary for him to stay any longer. This obviously irritated him for he received the blue ray. I expressed sympathy with his suffering and explained that neither I nor anyone else wished to blame or to punish him. This he didn’t believe and he turned away in disgust. The blue ray was changed to pink and I knew that it was filled with thoughts of love and hope. “You probably think that nobody’s interested in your plight” I said. “I thought the same. I know exactly how you feel because it wasn’t so long ago that I was in the same dreary conditions as you are now. He looked at me and almost snarled. “You pompous ass. Smug in your supposed welfare work. Why the hell don’t you get out of here.” The blue ray was added to the pink which was increased in intensity. “I expect you look on me as an interfering hymn-singing reformer” I said “but actually I’m rather an ordinary person. I couldn’t keep in tune even if I wanted to sing hymns.” I hoped to see the trace of a smile but I didn’t.

            “Did you ever think of dying when you were on Earth?” I asked him

            “Everybody’s got to die” he grunted. “But you didn’t think it would be like this, did you?”

            He looked at me belligerently. “You’re daft” he said. “Whatever made you think I’m dead?”

            “What are you then?”

            “I’m in a hell of a mess.” Presumably he was weakening, although at the time I had been none too sure, because gold was added to the pink and the blue was gradually withdrawn.

            Don’t you think that there’s anywhere better to live than this ghastly hole?” I asked him.

            “I won’t sing hymns” he shouted. The blue was instantly re-introduced.

            “But who asked you to sing hymns? I certainly didn’t”

            “You said you couldn’t keep in tune so obviously you sing them.”

            “I said ‘If I wanted to’. When you were on Earth, didn’t you know people who loved going to church and singing even if they weren’t any more musical than I am. They’d be miserable if they couldn’t now. They like singing hymns so they sing them. I don’t; it’s as simple as that.”

            “Don’t you have to do anything you don’t want to?” he asked

            “I wouldn’t go so far as to say that” I replied. “I don’t like attending my mother’s rather formal dinner parties but she’d be very hurt if I didn’t. I’m not awfully keen on carrying on polite conversations with some of the people I meet, but they like telling me about their ailments and how enjoyable the flower show was; it does me no harm and it doesn’t take much time, so I put up with it. Actually I even get a sneaking kind of satisfaction out of it.”

            “Flower show?” the man repeated in amazement. Actually this hadn’t been the chance remark which I had intended it to appear; I already knew that the man had loved his garden.

            “But of course; there are hundreds of them. Everybody grows flowers.” He was looking at me intently, wondering if I could possibly be speaking the truth. Down the golden ray sped a million thought-forms of a million flowers which fell about us in heaps. I hadn’t noticed them at the time so I am sure that the man didn’t actually see them either.

            “You’re telling me that there are flowers and gardens and people that talk about their belly-aches.”

            “Some of them still think they have belly-aches when they’ve only recently arrived. There’s also everything that you knew and enjoyed on Earth and lots more besides.”

            “Why didn’t any of the other chaps tell me?” he asked.

            “Well, you weren’t exactly welcoming, you know. But I’m tough. I really was stuck in a place like this; only much worse, not so long ago.” Rays of every color were now surrounding him and they gave me the impression of driving him towards me.

            “You wouldn’t fool me would you?” he asked but it wasn’t really a question. It was a statement.

            I held out my hand and pulled him to his feet. Safely within an enclosure of orange light he became almost cheerful as we climbed out of the gloom into the comparative bright light of the Astral plane.

            I turned to my companions. “And I thought that it was my brilliant powers of persuasion” I said and they all laughed because they knew that I am perfectly aware that each one of us who sets out into the darkness is accompanied, by many protectors who, because they are more advanced than we, cannot be seen by the “lost ones” we try to save. As a rule we cannot see them either. We must just know that they are there and trust them to protect us against the horrors, also invisible, with which we come in contact.

            I am fortunate in that I have met and watched some of those who help and guard me and, as I learn the identity of more of them, so I can consciously invoke their power. The time must come when I know them all. Then I shall no longer have any failures because all whom I am trying to save will follow the Light which is pouring upon them because it will be irresistible.

 – Ronald –

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