Daphne Charters’ Collected Manuscripts: Blending and Becoming

By Father John

[Transcribed on February 9, 1956. Pages 238-243 of Daphne Charter’s Collected Manuscripts. Father John is Daphne’s spirit-guide.]

            The blending of two or more minds is a union on a higher plane transcending any exalted love-act possible on Earth. This cannot take place unless there is great love between the participants. It may seem strange that such a union can be attained between more than two people at one and the same time, but the more of us who are able to combine, the greater the fulfillment for each, the more discerning the awareness, and the nearer to Universal Love do we reach.

            There is a difference according to whether we blend as close friends or lovers. If the former, once blended one has no memory of oneself as Father John, Daphne, Jack or Normus. One is the new personality, each becoming the “I”, and with practice, on returning to individual consciousness, each has a recollection of what has been said and done, varying to a slight degree according to sex and to which Aspect of Evolution one belongs. For instance, a Ceris will retain a strong memory of his comparatively solid form, and will recount in detail every feature. We humans, being used to our firm bodies will give but a brief description of it but will enlarge on the extra clarity of mind. A female fairy in a predominately male vehicle will remember her tremendous desire for new adventures, untrammelled by her usual caution. This is always a great attainment for her, as is the tender-heartedness experienced by a male in a mainly female consciousness. At the time, we do not realize these unusual qualities any more than we ponder on our well-known characteristics in our more-frequented lower vehicles. We take them for granted and attend to our tasks using them without thought, when they are required.

            When we blend with our beloved one, we have an even greater awareness of Love than when we are separate. We know each other’s thoughts automatically as though they were our own. We have a feeling of completeness – absolute fulfillment and bliss impossible to describe in words. This union, which cannot be experienced when one is tied by even a particle of consciousness to the physical body, is the true marriage for which we should all strive; for those who fail to seek it mentally while still on Earth, do not achieve it without years of effort after they are released from their bodies.

            Multi-blending is always an exciting endeavor, and when another person is added to the group, a different vehicle comes into being. Usually we have several failures, or the original group blends successfully and the newcomer is left alone and forlorn, for we are another entity, delighted to manifest again, and unaware of the unsuccessful aspirant who is no longer with us. But eventually victory is achieved and a new experience comes our way.

            At present, our greatest achievement is Harodino whom we became when we humans, Marie Louise, Lerra, Jack, Peter, Ludwig, George, Ronald, Daphne and I, the fairies, Normus, Movus, Mirilla, Merella, and the single young Ceris, Rimago, blend successfuly which we have now done on three occasions. This has taken many months of striving, for in the early stages, sometimes two or three would combine in small groups, and in these intermediary forms, we meet again on a higher plane and blend once more. until eventually Harodino was “born”, for anything or any entity that comes into being on a plane higher or lower than the normal habitat of its constituent parts, is deemed to have been “born”.

            When we conjure up his mind, when we regain our individual consciousness on our return to the Astral, by creating a succession of thought-forms, each of which brings him nearer to his reality as first one and then another provides both their recollections and the power of their evolutionary Aspect. He seems to be a wonderful entity indeed; he is tall, with flowing hair like a cascade of sparkling jewels. he is gentle, yet strong in will-power; he is flexible of mind and can cover not only vast areas of space and time, but he also encompasses the three Aspects of which he is composed. With Rimago, at present as the only Ceris, the wonderful co-ordination of mind belonging to his Aspect is not as strong as it could be, but his teacher Marki, will soon be with us, and Harodino will be surpassed and one with greater mental powers than he, will come into being. Until then, Rimago does well; his power grows and it is he who stimulates our joint memory to acquire a concept of the extent to which our mind has spread. We know that much of our activity and thoughts remain captive on the Fourth Plane where Harodino comes into being as an abstract idea with only a rarefied form, the memory of which we are unable to bring down to the level of the Upper Third Plane where as Harodino, we blend and work.

            We are all born; we work according to our status and personal will; we die to be born again on another plane, where the evolutionary process continues. This we have known for years, and sometimes doubt creeps into our minds as to whether in the vastness and diversity of the Universe, our striving is lost, for our efforts do not always bring the desired results. Is our tiny contribution worth the weariness and disappointments which so often beset us? Would not the Universe evolve just as efficiently without it?

            In Harodino we have our answer, for he is the result of our combined striving through the ages, to which we have all been subjected. He manifests several of the qualities we each possess; he has an ability to fulfill many functions efficiently, and whereas we individually can perform but one or two of them well, he can accomplish all of them; and from the experience of each one a lesson has been learned and a greater wisdom will enable Harodino to meet later contingencies with growing judgement.

            He has many tasks, and he has great plans, some of which He has only partially brought down from the Fourth Plane. He is an inventor, not yet of course, of material objects for transport, comfort or communication. They are all at present abstract ideas, only partly understandable by us, but so much of him is Man, that these ideas will one day have form.

            Those who are already joined in Harodino have a sense of love which we did not know before. We desire to share this not only with those within the group but also with others who are already occupying other vehicles on higher planes, and it will then grow as more unite. Who knows we may make a female aspect of Harodino? There are endless possibilities; hope runs high each time we meet for a new attempt to give him a more advanced vehicle in which to function.

            Harodino bring down with him the unblemished glory of the Fourth Plane but he cannot stay long on the Upper Third; that is why we know so little about him for, at present, there is little of him there to know. But he will disclose more as he becomes acclimatized to the conditions which to us are our highest memory of Beauty and Light, but to him are but obscure shadows of what has been his until now.

            He has come down as three Aspects of evolution, Man, Fairy and Ceris. These were the three we first blended on Earth; it is therefore natural that we should succeed in commingling them again on the Higher Planes. We must stimulate our love for those who are not yet with us as Harodino, for love is the key to true union, and until all are at-one with one another, there can be no further merging. Love breeds love and it is only through that the physical world can be saved from destruction. But do not fear. Earth is evolving. Time too has consciousness and when Man learns to love not only his fellow-men, but Earth and Her environment, will the time be right for the salvation of the world.

– Father John –

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