Daphne Charters’ Collected Manuscripts

Daphne Charters was born in 1910. Interested in painting in her youth, this Englishwoman from Berkshire married a captain named Jack during WWII. They moved to Canada afterwards but Jack died in a snowstorm. His disappearance plunged Daphne into spiritualism. She communicated with her husband.

Back in England in the late 1940s, she wrote her first book: A true fairy tale. Throughout her long life, despite health problems, she recorded her mediumistic experiences and bore witness to her familiar relationships and conversations with the fairies she unabashedly summoned into her garden.

Vegetarian, she also operated the London boutique of Beauty Without Cruelty, a pioneer organization in the field of cosmetics free from animal ingredients.


A Visit to the Land of the Harneles

Blending and Becoming

Fairy Instruments

On the Hatreds’ Trail

Rays for the “Lost Ones”

The Spider-Musicians