Daphne Charters’ Collected Manuscripts: Fairy Instruments

by Father John

[The following story is from pages 138-139 of Daphne Charter’s Collected Manuscripts. Father John is Daphne’s spirit-guide.]

[Daphne: The house-fairies always come to bid me good-morning at 8:00 a.m. and a few minutes later I greet the others at the french-windows which lead into the garden. Their punctuality made me realize, quite early in our acquaintance, that they must have some form of clock. The following description was given to me by Father John.]

“Yesterday I had a most interesting experience. My charge had asked me to examine the instrument by which the house-fairies tell the time, as Maire had been unable to convey the idea to her through projections. The three fairies were very excited at this opportunity of displaying one of their treasures before someone of another evolution. Maire entered their little house and returned with a minute square object which she carefully placed in my hand. It was transparent and looked as though it was made of thick glass. After a short while I noticed that many tiny segments of living matter were moving about in an orderly manner. I asked her how the time was registered by this device and she told me that, whereas the green specks were moving across the square, the red ones were passing from corner to corner. The particles were so minute that, until she had drawn my attention to the fact, I had not observed any difference in their color. She explained to me that according to the position of the point where these lines crossed, so the hour of the day was indicated. When I enquired whether they knew time only in hours, Maire suggested that if I examined the instrument again, I should be ……..one line missing from text…..as we can. On closer observation I did indeed see some tiny blue specks and I asked her what governed this amazingly controlled movement of such minute consciousness.

            “The sun” she replied. “Its rays enter every tiny crack and crevice even though they cannot be seen by the human eye. They are discernible to us however and although our home may be in a rather dark corner, to us it is light. The sun acts on the particles and draws them along their pre-arranged path. However it is necessary that the instrument should be placed with its face to the north otherwise it will not work.”

            “Somewhat like a sundial” I suggested but the fairies did not understand, so in return for the interesting facts which they had given to me, I in my turn was able to add to their store of knowledge.

– Father John –

Fairy Instruments

By jack

[The following story is from pages 140-143 of Daphne Charter’s Collected Manuscripts. Jack is Daphne’s deceased husband.]

[Daphne: When he was on Earth, Jack could never leave anything mechanical alone, Always he must know how it worked. When not on the road, the car was inevitably strewn about the drive in varying stages of dismemberment, and I do not think that the sewing machine was ever quite the same after his prying fingers had wrested its secrets from it.

            It was therefore not at all surprising to me that, when Jack’s turn came to write with me, instead of describing his small friends as the others had done, he first told me about their equivalent to mechanic devices. Here is an account about two of them.]

            I was shown something which enables the fairies to come when Daphne calls them. It is, I suppose, in the nature of a vibration microphone, although of course it bears no visual resemblance. There were a lot of little threads which looked as fine as a spider’s web even under a microscope. They seemed to be wound round a sort of magnetic pin. when Daphne calls one of them, a terrific vibration sets up. The pin spins like a top and all the wires give out the equivalent of a loud buzzing; although of course it’s a buzzing of the senses and not of the ears. Whoever gets to the instrument first can tell by the tone which one of them is wanted and he dashes off to find the right one if it isn’t he.

[Daphne: I was most interested to hear about this device because I had always been a little puzzled over the different method I was obliged to employ when calling the garden fairies as opposed to those who live in the house. Whereas a casual mental shout without much thought behind it would bring the correct house-fairy within about twenty seconds, It was necessary to concentrate deeply for possibly several minutes before the Nature fairies responded.]

            The gadget that I’m going to tell you about now is, if possible, even more ingenious than the other I’ve already described. Its function is to help the fairies with their meditation. It looks rather like a small wad of cotton wool.

            Sometimes they sit for the meditation, sometimes they lie and at others they even stand on their heads. This, of course, seemed very peculiar to me but they were quite hurt when I began to laugh during a demonstration. I thought that they had suddenly decided to be funny but they were deadly serious so I had to pretend that I had been choking. After I had recovered from my coughing fit they returned to their positions on their heads with the wad of cotton wool between them on a level with their eyes. As an item of interest and not from any frivolous point of view. Maire’s dress, even when she was upside down, remained demurely round her ankles.

            They told me to watch their thought-forms as they made them. I can’t say that I was able to read what they said but I saw three little flashes of light which shot into the wad of cotton wool and then a most extraordinary thing happened. The gadget rose into the air, followed by the fairies who were presumably attached to it by their thoughts. They disappeared through the ceiling and I was wondering what I ought to do about it when I felt a firm tug and I found myself traveling in their wake at enormous speed. I think that I must have blacked-out because the next thing I knew was that I was being almost blinded by a colossal great light. “Raise your vibrations” I heard Maire say from a long way off. I concentrated hard and by degrees the terrific glare became more bearable.

            “Where are you?” I asked.

            “Right by your side” they chorused and focusing my eyes for a bit, I saw them but how different they looked from when I had last seen them a few minutes before. Maire was the size of a young girl and she was really very beautiful; the boys had become so good-looking that I wouldn’t have recognized either of them. Maire smiled. “You’re a lovely man” she solemnly decreed.

            “We’re in our mental bodies, I suppose” I said.

            “We’ve never been in ours before at least not consciously” said the two boys excitedly. “We’d love to see ourselves.” Maire took my hand and we walked through the light which was gradually mellowing. After a while we came to a pool, but it wasn’t made of water, or rather the kind that we know. It was smooth and as clear as glass. “I shan’t be able to see myself in that” I remarked.

            We’ll make a thought-form of you” she said. I looked in the water and gradually I appeared. At least I supposed it was me because they assured me that it was, but I couldn’t see much resemblance. I still had straight hair but it was like a pale gold flame. My eyes were green and as bright as a couple of emeralds, and as I peered into their depths I saw my whole past. This sounds silly I know, but it’s true.

            I shone too  . . .  Funny isn’t it – at least that’s not really the word. Wonderful is more like it. To think that all the time when I’m working, eating, drinking or driving my car, that other me is performing completely different actions elsewhere, and yet everything I do on the Astral, the me on the plane above is watching either approving or shaking his head in dismay.

            Of course I already knew about this multiple personality which has further manifestations in the spheres at present beyond my comprehension but to meet one in entirely different surroundings is an extraordinary experience and the most amazing part of this occasion was that I owed it all to a little wad of cotton wool about one inch square.

– Jack –

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