Fairy Events & Festivals – January 5, 2021 Edition

Compilation and reviews by Michael Pilarski

There have been many fairy festivals and events held in the USA and the UK over the last several decades. I divide them into two groups. 1) Events that focus on communication between the realms and education. 2) Events that are largely focused on costuming, music and vending, but there is always more than meets the eye here. There are many here who do believe in fairies. This is also a lovely service to all the children who attend and get some positive affirmations that fairies do exist. We would hope that all of these fairy festivals will increase their educational component on who the Fae are and how to communicate.

I hope to increase this list in the future, so send me information on events you think we should include. michael@friendsofthetrees.net

Events that focus on communication between the realms and education

Fairy & Human Relations Congress.

Held since 2001. Pacific Northwest, North America. The premier event on fairy communication and cooperation. The emphasis is on education, experiential ritual, circles, song, dance and fun. A family-friendly event. Over 130 presenters over the years.

Here are two gatherings in the UK which are like sister events to the Fairy & Human Relations Congress.

Nature Spirits & Humans Conference

The first Nature Spirits & Humans Conference was held in May, 2019 in Sussex, England. It has a list of notable presenters including Marco Pogacnik, Susan Raven, Glennie Kindred, Tanis Helliwell, Julie Bowman and others. It was sponsored by Weleda and Biodynamics. Similar to our Fairy Congress with an emphasis on Biodynamics and Anthroposophy. They have a 2021 Conference planned and waiting to see if it will be possible.

“Loving the Land” Annual Conference 2020, (Virtual)

The Gatekeeper Trust is devoted to personal and planetary healing through pilgrimage. Their 2020 Annual Conference was very apt for the fairy movement with many workshops on fairy topics such as Susan Raven’s workshop on Communicating and Co-Creating with the Elemental Kingdom; and Caroline Hoare’s workshop “Heeding the Call of the Earth Spirits” and others. You can watch their recorded talks at:

Events that are largely focused on costuming, music and vending

Here is a large Directory to Fairy Events in the UK and the USA

They list 42 festivals in the USA, 10 in the UK, 2 in Belgium, 1 in Canada and 1 in Australia. 66 in all. Every one of the listings has a hot link to their website. Some of the links don’t work as this is a partially outdated list but it does show many fairy festivals were started in recent years. Here are some of the festivals I found good links for. I have included quite a few Youtubes so you can get an idea what these events are like.


Faerieworlds bills itself as the the largest mythic, fantasy and faerie themed festival in the US. Now in its 19th year of providing music and art-based entertainment, FaerieWorlds is one of the earliest of the wave of fairy festivals to start in the last several decades. They have been held annually in Oregon but over the years have also held versions in Sedona and Prescott, Arizona, Los Angeles, Seattle and Santa Fe. They did an on-line FaerieWorlds on December 4-6, 2020. Their next festival is scheduled for August 20–22, 2021 at Hornings Hideout (west of Portland) where they have been held since 2015. But were also held there at an earlier period.

I attended one of the Faerieworlds after they moved it the first time to Hornings Hideout. Big event, perhaps 1000 people. I had a great time! Great music and lots of dancing. I knew the stage manager and so was able to get on stage for a few minutes to invite everyone to the Fairy & Human Relations Congress. The vending was a large part of the event with about 100 vendors in all. I made the rounds and dropped off our Fairy & Human Relations brochure to anyone interested. I was thrilled to get to stand in a long line to actually meet Brian Froud! Most people were in line to get Froud’s autograph on one or more of his books they had just purchased. When I got to stand in front of Froud, I invited him to the Fairy & Human Relations Congress and gave him an autographed copy of Forty Years with the Fairies. They did have an educational area, partly with crafts and some talks on faeries, but their focus is not fairy communication.

Faerieworlds was started by Emilio and Kelly Miller-Lopez of the musical group Woodland. Woodland played some great sets on the stage at the 2004 Fairy & Human Relations Congress on the banks of Hood River, Oregon. Lots of dancing! Great fairy musical group!

Lets Explore : FaerieWorlds 2016

Best Clips of Faerieworlds 2012

FaerieWorlds 2019 Spiral Dance

Faerieworlds: The Experience

North Wales Faery Festival.

Also known as the Legendary Llangellen Faery Festival. They are scheduled for August 14-15, 2021 in wales. They have videos on their website. 

“Land of Fairyes” -The Legendary Llandollen Fairy Festival 2015

Llangollen Faery Festival 2015

Summer Solstice Faerie Festival

3 Wishes Fairy Festival in Cornwall UK

June 18-20, 2021. This has been held for 14 years now.

3 Wishes Fairy Festival 2016 After Movie

Meet the Fairy Queen at 3 Wishes Fairy Festival, Cornwall

What happens at a fairy festival?

Faery Fest 09 Part 3

Sussex Faerie Festival

Scheduled for May 14-16, 2021

Sussex Faerie Festival 2017 – TV Feature!

Sussex Faerie Festival 2016

Maryland Faerie Festival

Maryland Faerie Festival 2015

June 13-14 2015 at Camp Ramblewood in Darlington, Maryland www.marylandfaeriefestival.org

Spoutwood Farm Fairie Festival

June 19-20, 2021. Also known as the May Day Faerie Festival, The Fairie Festival, the Pennsylvania Fairie Festival, the Spoutwood Fairie Festival. Held at Spoutwood Farm, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania. Started in 1991 this was one of the first fairy-themed festivals. The festival will celebrate the beginning of spring and all of the nature spirits return to the warm world within 2014 the had 70 arts and crafts vendors (mostly featuring handmade art inspired by the little people), performances by celtic musicians and dancers, magicians, participatory maypole dancing accompanied by bagpipes and other music, fairie craft activities such as fairie wand and garland making involves a small fee), food vendors, fairie and other nature spirit environments to explore, a Nature Place offering a place for environmental, health, animal interest and other groups to share their vision, woodland gnome and elf tours, fairie tea parties, guest appearances by the Green Man, Shadow Fairie, and others.

Spoutwood Faerie Festival 2018

Redmond Fairyblossom Festival

Their June 26-28, 2020 event was limited to 50 people. Redmond, WA

We feature an ALL AGES 2-day live-action dungeon-crawl quest through the woods, NERF battles, Magic the Gathering tournament, Faerie King & Queen, Goblin Town, Dwarven Forge, Tispy Pixie “Tavern”, Catawampus Rumpus Ball for All, Stone Soup Potluck, Camping, Fairy Market merchants and more! Fairyblossom is an immersive, full weekend event of various games, quests, shopping and activities.

NY Faerie Festival 2021

June, 2021, Harpursville, NY

NY Faerie Festival 2016 VLOG

Faerie Festival 2018

A long view at an event in the UK.

Summer Solstice Faerie Festival

Held at Marshy Point Nature Center

Ohio Fairy Gardening Festival

2020 canceled but ramping up for 2021. June, Jefferson, Ohio.

The World of Faeries Festival

17th annual. Elgin, Illinois. August 7-8, 2021. $15 admission.

The Spring Fairy Festival

Saturday, May 15, 2021 at 11:00am

Crescent Moon Gifts, 6901 6th Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98406


New Forest Fairy Festival

Burley, UK.

Directory of Faerie Events from the Fae Magazine

Lists 6 events. colorful. To submit an event. Email: info@faemagazine.com and title the email ‘SUBMIT FAERY EVENT’. Include relevant time, date, place & contact details for the event.

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