Books About the Nature Fairy/Deva Evolution and Related Subjects

While Daphne Charters’ collected manuscripts are a giant in the fairy litera-
ture, the following review of 60 “fairy-related” books points the way to further
knowledge and understanding.

Here is my current best attempt at an overview of books about (or linked
in some way with) the nature fairy/deva evolution. Arranged alphabetically by
title rather than in any degree of importance. While I am familiar with many of
these authors’ works I cannot vouch for all of them. Different sources appeal to
different readers at different times. Out of the 60 books reviewed, I have put an
asterisks * by the ones I feel are especially good starting points.

There have been hundreds of books written on fairies and devas over the past
century. Thirty years ago when I first started searching bookstores for serious
books on fairies, they were few and far between with the main source being the
Theosophical Society. The Secret Life of Plants, published in 1973, was a very
influential book, promoting the idea of intelligence in nature. The Findhorn books
made a big impact in the 1970s and the Perelandra books in the 1980s. More
recently there has been a notable upsurge in fairy books being published, some of
which are based on past literature and some of which are new material.

We also should remember that there are large repositories of fairy knowledge
besides literature, such as: oral traditions, folklore, religions, spirituality, occult-
ism, esotericism, and metaphysics. Much of this knowledge is invisible, kept
within language groups, localities, families, or mystery schools. The knowledge
is often kept secret because there is still repression in the world.

Then there is the phenomenon of increased communication with spirit realms
happening worldwide. In the USA alone there are now millions of people com-
municating with various spiritual realms. A certain percentage of this is commu-
nication with the nature fairy/deva evolution. This body of current, experiential
knowledge is immense and growing.

Use your intuition as to which books are right for you. Please send in reviews
of books I have missed, corrections, and/or lengthier, more-in-depth reviews.

Angels & Devas.Torkom Saraydarian. 1996. Saraydarian Institute, PO Box
267, Sedona, AZ 86339. 47 pages. This is a compilation of writings from ten of
Torkom’s 50 books. The perspective of a spiritual master.

Behaving as if the God in all Life Mattered. Machaelle Small Wright. 1987.
Perelandra, Jeffersonton, Virginia. 213 pages.  Autobiography of Machaelle Small Wright, describing her upbringing and the founding of Perelandra.

The Celtic Wisdom of Trees: Mysteries, Magic and Medicine. Jane Gifford.
2000. Godsfield Press. 160 pages. A compendium of knowledge about our rela-
tionship with trees. Presented according to the Celtic Tree Alphabet (each letter
is associated with the name of a tree). A wealth of information on the mystical
aspects of trees and their traditional healing properties. Recommended for the
great photos.

Clairvoyant Investigations. Geoffrey Hodson. 1984. Quest Books, Theo-
sophical Publishing, Wheaton, Illinois. 140 pages. A compilation of writings
from Hodson’s earlier years. Clairvoyant descriptions of large landscape devas.
The color illustrations are among the best we have of devic form and color.

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Elves & Fairies. Sirona Knight. 2005. Alpha
books, Penguin Group. New York. 328 pages. A great book for beginners as well
as advanced readers. Something for everyone and in a readable, contemporary
style. Here are a few quotes from R. J. Stewart’s foreword: “a comprehensive
book.” “For the reader who wishes to know more about fairy tradition but is
daunted by the wide range of books available (from heavily academic to specula-
tive nonsense), this book will be a helpful guide.” “Another excellent feature of
this book is that it has many practical suggestions and insights for coming into
genuine communion with fairy beings.”

The Deva Handbook. Nathaniel Altman. 1995. Destiny Books, Rochester,
NH. 164 pages. How to Work with Nature’s Subtle Energies. A “how-to” book on
communicating with devas and getting in touch with the power spots of nature.

Devas & Men: A Compilation of Theosophical Studies on the Angelic King-dom.  The Southern Centre of Theosophy, Robe, South Australia. 1977. 386 pages.
This volume compiles the writings from 38 theosophical books as well as articles
in The Theosophist. The bibliography ,is a guide to many of the major works on
the subject until the 1970s. More angels than fairies and devas.

Devas, Fairies and Angels.’ A Modern Approach. William Bloom. 1988
Gothic Image Publications, Glastonbury, England. The author explains how devas, fairies and angels can help us in our homes, our work and daily lives.

Earth Light. R J. Stewart. 1992. Mercury Pub. Lake Toxaway, NC. 162 p
Subtitled “The Ancient Path to Transformation – Rediscovering the Wisdom Celtic and Faery Lore”. Earth Light presents practical methods of working with
the Faery Tradition through techniques of visualization and imagination. Power Within the Land R J Stewart, 1992, also The Well of Light (book and CD)
R J Stewart, revised edition 2006. And other books from the same author:
The Elves of Lily Hill Farm: A Partnership with Nature. Penny Kelly. St.Paul, MN: Llewellyn, 1997. 265 pages. This book is the true tale of Penny Kelly’s meeting with a group of resident elves. Kelly has also written From the Soil to theStomach: Notes on Healing from Lily Hill Farm.

Emergence: The Birth of the Sacred. David Spangler. The Lorian Associa-
tion, PO Box 1368, Issaquah, WA 98027. Spangler ranks among the top spiritual
writers of the last half century, but none of his books focus specifically on the
fairyland evolution. However, David is a good friend of the fairies. Spangler
was director of the Findhorn Community for years and was instrumental in the
successes of the Findhorn experiment.

Enchantment of the Faerie Realm: Communicate with Nature Spirits andElementals. Ted Andrews. 1993. Llewellyn Publications. 240 pages.

Esoteric Music of the Deva Evolution. Cyril Scott. 2005. Kessinger Publish-
ing Company. 72 pages.

Evolutionary Witchcraft. T. Thorn Coyle. 2004. Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin. New York. 302 pages. Coyle’s book is designed to be read through once and then
used as a ten-month training program with exercises involving movement, spells,
right intention and occult ceremony. She is a Sorcerer in the Anderson Feri Tradi-
tion. Thorn teaches people how to bring more magic into one’s life.

The Faeries Oracle. Jessica Macbeth, text. Artwork by Brian Froud 2000,
Simon and Schuster, New York. 205 pages. An oracle deck and accompanying
book. Working with the faeries to find insight, wisdom and joy.

The Faery Faith: An Integration of Science with Spirit. Serena Roney-
Dougal. 2003. Green Magic, BCM Inspire, London. 170 pages. A wide-ranging
discussion of how faery lore can be of use today and how it relates to things such
as magic, terrestrial magnetism, megaliths, apparitions, and UFO reports.

The Faery Teachings. Orion Foxwood. 2006, R J Stewart books, Arcata, CA.
203 pages. Orion is an Elder in Foxwood Temple, a wiccan tradition in Maryland.
Foxwood combines his Wiccan background with his family lineage of American
Southern folk magic into an introduction to faery teachings for contemporary use.

Fairies at Work and Play. Geoffrey Hodson. 1982. Quest Books. 126 pages.
Geoffrey Hodson is one of the greatest clairvoyants of the zoth century and author
of over 40 books. This book is about the author’s observations of the fairy realms.
One of the best classics.
The Fairy Faith in Celtic CountriesW.Y. Evans-Wentz. First published in
1911. Citadel Press. 1994. 524 pages. A voluminous cataloging of oral Celtic
folklore at the turn of the century.  Contains information on the fairy/deva
evolution to some extent but is mainly about beings that would belong
to the Elana/Faery race, and in some cases, darker beings from lower planes.
Folklore, superstition and spiritual truths are often blended together in mysterious
ways and the reader of books such as this one should not take the accounts liter-
ally. It can be like detective work. Looking at the clues to find the true spiritual
truths. What are the allusions and metaphysical meanings? In a sense it is similar
to ferreting out the spiritual truths in fairy tales and religions.

The Fairy Kingdom Geoffrey Hodson. 1927. Re-published in 2003 by The
Book Tribe, San Diego. 112 pages. A follow up to his book Fairies at Work andPlay. He describes devas, sylphs, gnomes, fairies, brownies, manikins, Pan and
examples of cooperation between devas and men.

Fire in the Head: Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit. Tom Cowan. 1993.
HarperSanFrancisco. 240 pages. Cowan offers workshops on shamanism and
Celtic spirituality around the country, including workshops on fairies.

Findhorn Gardens. 1975. By The Findhorn Community. Harper & Row,
Publishers. 180 pages. The Findhorn community in Scotland has become world
famous as a place where people work with fairies to make beautiful gardens.
There have been many books about Findhorn and many books by former Find-
horn members. This particular book is authored by the phenomenal people who founded Findhorn and is the best book to get an understanding of what Findhorn was all about. Findhorn is now an international center for spirituality and the eco-village movement.

Garden Notes: From the Nature Devas. Cindy McGonagle. 1993. Botanic
Reproductions, PO Box 40806, Portland, OR 97240. 94 pages. Helpful hints that
enable you to communicate and learn on the devic level to heal the earth. She also
has published Sacred Places, Sacred Plants of the Columbia River Gorge.

The Green Man: Spirit of Nature. John Matthews. 2002. Red Wheel Press.
Boston. 64 pages. A small book on the historical figure of the green man in old
Europe and ways to connect today.

Healing the Heart of the Earth. Marko Pogacnik. 1998. Findhorn Press. 270
pages. Pogacnik is internationally known for his land art and for applying com-
munication with the nature realms to assist Earth Healing. Working with the devas
for ecosystem restoration. Geomancers are now working with restorationists to
remediate toxic sites. Pogacnik is one of the pioneers in this emerging field.
Hidden Side of Things. Charles W. Leadbeater. 1913. Theosophical Publish-
ing House. 468 pages. One of the most famous occultists and clairvoyants of the
20th century. He has written many books. Several have included information on
fairies and angels.

In Perfect Timing. Peter Caddy. 1997. 478 pages. Memoirs of a Man for the
New Millennium. The autobiography of the co-founder of the Findhorn Com-
munity. This is not a book about fairies. It is a book about Caddy’s remarkable
life which helped create the germination plot for deva knowledge to broadcast to
the whole planet.

The Kingdom of the Gods. Geoffrey Hodson. 1952. Quest Books. 272
pages. An in-depth view of the angelic evolution which includes most of the
information in Fairies at Work and Play, plus other information on the nature
realms. It covers other aspects of the angelic evolutions besides those connected
with Nature. The color illustrations of devas are among the best in print and very
useful in visualizing devas.

Kingdom of the Shining Ones. Flower A. Newhouse. 1955. The Christward
Ministry, Escondido, California. 92 pages. Newhouse is a gifted Christian mystic
and author of the last century. One of her life missions was increasing the world’s
knowledge and awareness of Angels from whom man receives assistance. This
book is mainly about angels, but she also includes information on: nature intel-
ligences dealing with the Earth, angels who influence animals, supervisors of fish
and bird life, angels of the air kingdom, beings of the water world, and the Fire
kingdom’s shining presences. Here is one quote: “But he who has the wisdom
and the thanksgiving of spirit to tread reverently into the strongholds and Devic
temples of nature’s servers shall find everlasting loyalty and devotion rendered
him from constructive super physical orders.”

Letters on Occult Meditation. Alice Bailey. Lucis Trust, 120 Wall Street, 24th
Floor, New York, NY 10005. 375 pages. The 24 books of Alice A. Bailey were
written in cooperation with a Tibetan teacher between 1919-1949 and constitute
a continuation of the Ageless Wisdom – a body of esoteric teaching handed down

from ancient times. These books were channeled by Alice Bailey from The
Master Djwal Kuhl, or as he is sometimes called, the Master D.K. It is probably
the largest body of channeled material in the world library. None of the Alice
Bailey books focuses on the fairyland evolution but there is relevant material
scattered in her books. Many of the volumes are large and the type-font small, so
the sheer volume of material is enormous. Few people have the mental stamina
to read many of these books. They are somewhat akin to the occult writings of
Rudolph Steiner. Letters on Occult Meditation is one of the shorter books and a
good starting point for those inclined to try.

The Living World of Faery. R J. Stewart. 1995. Mercury Publishing, Lake
Toxaway, NC. 217 pages. R. J. Stewart is Britain’s leading expert on faery lore
and magic. Stewart is one of the pre-eminent faery authors of our time with over
40 books to his credit. This book explores the living power of the Faery Tradition
for the 21st Century. This particular book describes second sight, distance contact
and powerful encounters with faery allies and co-walkers. There are practical
techniques for enhancing communication, and a discussion on the relationship
between faeries and angels in spiritual traditions. A good place to start if you
haven’t read any of Stewart’s books.

Man as Symphony of the Creative Word. Rudolf Steiner. Steiner Books. 192
pages. Derived from a lecture given near the end of his life, Steiner here gives a
unique and intimate description of the elemental nature spirits – the purely spiri-
tual beings that complement plants and animals – and the cooperation that these
beings offer to mankind.

Memories: The Past Recalled & Reclaimed. A History in Three Parts. Part
One. How I Recovered from Amnesia. Eileen Kilgren. 2007. PO Box 70362,
Seattle, WA 98107. 71 pages. $5.00 + $1.50 postage. This small book abounds
in fascinating information and exciting encounters in other realms. Eileen’s first
two books introduced her first encounters and friendships with sprites, devas and
faery beings. Mighty devas have been tutoring Eileen for years now and her latest
book includes interactions with invaders from space, Ascended Masters, vampire
slayers, The Hathors, and more.

Nature Spirits and Elementa/ Beings: Working with the Intelligences in Na-ture. Marko Pogacnik. 1995. Findhom Press. 251 pages. Pogacnik is a Slovenian
artist and geomancer who has written a number of books on fairy related topics.
His writing are from his own personal experience.

Other Kingdoms. Hilarion. Channeled by Maurice B. Cooke. 1981. Marcus
Books, 195 Randolph Road, Toronto, Ont. M4G 3S6, Canada. 238 pages. This is
channeled material on the fairy realm with commentary by Cooke. The informa-
tion is somewhat simplistic.

Perelandra Garden Workbook: A Complete Guide to Gardening with NatureIntelligences. Machaelle Small Wright. 1987. Perelandra, Jeffersonton, Virginia.
240 pages. Based at Perelandra Garden in Virginia, Machaelle Wright has done
more to advance the cause of working with nature spirits than any other person in
North America in the twenty years since her books have been out. A very practical
book about cooperation with the fairies to grow more food and beauty. Machaelle
and other authors are moving humanity towards a practical cooperation with the na-
ture fairy/deva evolution to clean up and heal the planet’s damaged environments. It
is perhaps in this field that our communication with the fairy/deva evolution is most
urgent and needed. The Garden Workbook gives practical methods we can all use
to communicate with our garden devas and fairies. A simple kinesiology technique
with the fingers to get yes/no answers to questions.

Plants of Power. Alfred Savinelli. 1997 revised edition. Native Scents, Box
5639, Taos, NM 87571. 88 pages. Savinelli is a wildcrafter and works with Native
Peoples to gather plants in a sacred and ecological manner. Here he covers Native
American ritual and medicinal uses for 20 plants.

Power Within the Land. R, J. Stewart, 1992, Mercury Publishing. Lake Tox-
away, NC. 163 pages. The roots of Celtic and underworld traditions. Awakening
the Sleepers and Regenerating the Earth. Visualizations and Exercises.

The Real World of Fairies. Dora Van Gelder. Theosophical Publishing
House, Wheaton, IL. 160 pages. Another first person account of what fairies are
like. One of my favorites by a long-time theosophical clairvoyant. Dora has long
been associated with Camp Indralaya on Orcas Island in the San Juan Archipelago
of Washington State. The book includes an account of the angel of Mt. Constitu-
tion on Orcas Island. One of the best starter books.

Rediscovering the Angels. Flower A. Newhouse. 1950. Christward Ministry.
156 pages. This book includes the material from her book “Natives of Eternity”.

The Rebirth of Nature: The Greening of Science and God. Rupert Sheldrake.
1992. Bantam.  260  pages.  His theory  of “morphic resonance” holds that self-
organizing systems  –  molecules, crystals, cells, organisms, societies  –  respond
to invisible regions of influence.

Regents of the Seven Spheres. H.K. Challoner. Theosophical Publishing
House. 99 pages. 1920 or so was the date of first publishing. There are reprints
available. A theosophist’s writings on angels.

Sacred Ground to Sacred Space. Rowena Pattee Kryder. 1994. Bear & Co,
Santa Fe. 319 pages. Visionary Ecology, Perennial Wisdom, Environmental
Ritual and Art. An introduction to a wide range of earth-based spirituality prac-
tices including information from indigenous cultures. Consciousness in the land-
scape. Re-sacralizing the world. A how-to book with many experiential projects.
A practical way to connect with the fairy/deva evolution without the European
traditional trappings.

The Secret Life of Nature. Peter Tompkins. 1997. HarperSanFrancisco.
228 pages. This book is subtitled: “Living in Harmony with the Hidden World of
Nature Spirits from Fairies to Quarks”. Peter Tompkins co-authored with Chris-
topher Bird two previous books: The Secret Life of Plants and Secrets of the Soilwhich brought to public eyes many esoteric secrets about the nature realms. One
of the things which makes Tompkins’ book so original is his reporting on how
occultists described the building blocks of the universe such as the elements, sub-
atomic particles and quarks. Tompkins surveyed the literature of major fairy writ-
ers of the last century and synthesized and compared their findings – notably the
publications of Findhorn, Dora Van Gelder, Geoffrey Hodson, Rudolph Steiner,
Alice Bailey, Madame Blavatsky, Charles W. Leadbeater, and others. Tompkins
was not aware of Daphne’s work at the time. Tompkins has made a real contribu-
tion to the history of occult knowledge from ancient Hindus, Persians, Chaldeans,

Pythagoreans, Pharaonic Egyptians, neo-Platonists, Kabbalists and Rosicrucians
down to the theosophists and anthroposophists of today. In a topic of this size and
breadth, we can only get a glimpse of the vast amount of knowledge it hints at.
Unfortunately the book has been out of print for years and copies now cost $200
or more. It deserves to be brought back into print.

The Secret Life of Plants. Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. 1973. Har-
perCollins Publishing. 402 pages. This influential book was a New York Times
best seller for a long time.

Robert Kirk, Walker Between Worlds: edited with commentary by R J Stewart
(revised new edition 2007). This is the only edition of Robert Kirk’s 1692 note-
book, The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies that includes notes
and commentary from an esoteric perspective. Contains descriptions of second
sight, of double men or co-walkers, and of fairy lives, customs and rituals.

Secrets of Sacred Space. Chuck Pettis. 1999. Llewellyn Publications, St Paul,
MN. 277 pages. This book is focused on how people can use geomancy and
dowsing to locate sacred sites and lay lines and how to build stone monuments a
la Stonehenge. It also includes a chapter on how to communicate with devas and
spiritual beings.

Secrets of the Soil. Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. 1998. Earthpulse
Press, Anchorage. 418 pages. Subtitled: New Solutions for Restoring Our Planet.
The sequel to The Secret Life of Plants.

Seeds of Inspiration: Deva Flower Messages. Dorothy Maclean. 2004. The
Lorian Association. 120 pages. It brings together for the first time most of her
flower messages.

The Sidhe: Wisdom From the Celtic Otherworld. John Matthews. 2004. The
Lorian Association, PO Box 1368, Issaquah, WA 98027. 115 pages. In the story,
John is taken to an ancient, undisturbed, underground chamber in Ireland. There
he meets a tall figure dressed in archaic clothes. This representative of the Sidhe
(pronounced shee) over the course of some time downloads information to John
about the Sidhe.

The Spirit Cord. R. J. Stewart. 2006. RJ Stewart Books, Arcata, CA. 188
pages. Practices from the mystical and ancestral traditions of the ancient world
combined with contemporary methods for transforming consciousness.

Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies & in the Kingdoms of Nature. Ru-
dolf Steiner. Anthroposophic Press. 1992 ed. 300 pages. Rudolf Steiner is one of
the best-known personages in occult science. He is the founder of anthroposophy,
bio-dynamic agriculture, Waldorf schools and eurythmy. Author of numerous
books which take deep concentration to decipher and understand. In this lecture
cycle he takes us deep into the angelic hierarchies operative in the Universe.

Summer with the Leprechauns: A True Story. Tannis Helliwell. 1997. Blue
Dolphin Publishing. 191 pages. Helliwell is from Vancouver, British Columbia
but spent a summer in Ireland during which a leprechaun becomes her friend.

Tales from the Spirit Realm: I and II Eileen Kilgren. 1996. Published by the
author, PO Box 70362, Seattle, WA 98107. 70 pages. $5 each. Stories of Eileen’s
adventures with water sprites, air spirits, and fire spirits. Eileen’s relationship
with the fairies is the closest to Daphne Charters’ fairy relationship as I’ve found
in my search of fairy books. Eileen has also put together a booklet of colored
symbols, titled Art of the Spirit Realm, $20.

Talking with Nature. Michael J. Roads. 1985. H.J. Kramer, Inc., PO Box
1082, Tiburon, CA 94920. 151 pages. This is the story of a man who discovers he
possesses the ability to commune intelligently with souls of plants, animals and even rock and rivers.

Talks with Trees: A Plant Psychic’s Interviews with Vegetables, Flowers andTrees. Leslie Cabarga. 1997. Iconoclassics Publishing Co. Los Angeles. 173 pages.

To Hear the Angels Sing. Dorothy Maclean. 1980. Lindisfarne Press. 217
pages. An Odyssey of Co-creation with the Devic Kingdom. An autobiography
plus channeled messages from the devas. Dorothy was the Findhorn founder who
communicates with the nature devas. It includes inspiring messages from the
plants to humanity. Dorothy has been living in the Puget Sound area for the last
decade. Maclean has done more to advance humanity’s awareness of devas than
any other person in the last century. Dorothy has been an honored presenter at the
2003, 2004, and 2005 Fairy & Human Relations Congress and will be a presenter at the 2007 congress.

To Honor the Earth. Dorothy Maclean. 1991. HarperSanFrancisco. 108
pages. Reflections on living in harmony with nature. A photographic coffee-table
book with inspirational channelings from landscape devas.

Working with Angels and Nature Spirits. Lorna Todd. 1998. Kima Global
Publishers, PO Box 374, Rondebosch, 7701, Cape Town, South Africa. 140
pages. Lorna Todd is a well-known British clairvoyant. Much of the book is mes-
sages from angels, devas, and the nature spirits of trees, flowers, animals and

We have not included in this literature review: fairy art books, classic
children’s fairy tales, modern children’s fairy books, fantasy novels, folklore,
witchcraft/pagan/wicca, indigenous, shamanism, and earth-based spirituality.

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